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Bug #1733484: Add interconnection new ip show bug Undecided New 3 days

From: Ravindhran
Link: Screenshot at 2017-11-21 10-20-05.png

Screenshot at 2017-11-21 10-20-05.png

Bug #1718106: wrong reflecting on task panel when monogame based application works Undecided New 9 weeks

From: Roman
Link: out-1.ogv

video of reproducing bug

Bug #1685509: Mint There is no full-fledged Ukrainian localization Undecided New 31 weeks

From: sania
Link: bags1.jpg


Bug #1632249: LM 18/Sarah - Banshee UI freezes on large music collections (slow SQL for cache reload) Undecided New 56 weeks

From: Adam Szmigin
Link: banshee_lm_1632249.patch

Patch for slow SQL in DatabaseYearListModel.cs

Bug #1578193: cannot load legacy-only plugin Undecided Confirmed 62 weeks

From: Ryan Harper
Link: network-manager-strongswan-1.3.1_to_1.4.0.debdiff


Bug #1468794: Caja thumbnails are deleted during each login and logout! (only on 32bit) Undecided Confirmed 64 weeks

From: Vlad Orlov
Link: fix-thumbnail-cleaning.patch


Bug #1591574: changing user password causes hang in users-admin ( gnome-system-tools) Undecided New 76 weeks

From: rogue-spectre
Link: run-passwd.c.patch

patch for src/users/run-passwd.c

Bug #1536291: should only add non null entries to array_preserves Undecided New 96 weeks

From: J G Miller

only add line to preserves array if line is NOT null

Bug #1270579: On laptops, screen brightness and keyboard backlight isn't memorized between sessions Undecided Confirmed 98 weeks

From: r2rien

Bug #1460835: MintNanny Executes Code in Domain Name Strings Undecided New 109 weeks

From: Bernd Dietzel
Link: patchnanny.diff patch

Bug #1462313: MintBackup executes Code when package_dest Path contains Shell commands Undecided New 109 weeks

From: Bernd Dietzel
Link: patch.diff

Patch for

Bug #1477344: mintlocale allows Shell Command Injection Undecided Fix Committed 109 weeks

From: Bernd Dietzel
Link: patch.diff

Patch for

Bug #1502498: mintdrivers : Shell Command Injection (fake Live Media) Undecided New 109 weeks

From: Bernd Dietzel
Link: patch2.diff

better patch

Bug #1504270: mintSources : Shell Injection when import a key file Undecided New 109 weeks

From: Bernd Dietzel
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1500223: /etc/bash.bashrc prints error message when bash invoked from csh Undecided New 113 weeks

From: R.Wright
Link: bashrc.patch

Patch /etc/bash.bashrc to invoke dircolors -b

Bug #1448738: Xfce menu doesn't conatin all setting options Undecided New 135 weeks

From: Yanpas

Thesee lines should be added to /etc/xdg/menus/

Bug #1348238: Password window does not disappear after changing password Undecided Fix Committed 144 weeks

From: rpr nospam

diff with the patch (patch was not made on the sources but on the installed package)

Bug #1101779: autofs "lookup_mount: exports lookup" fails on IPv6-only hosts Undecided New 147 weeks

From: Jimmy Hedman
Link: auto.diff


Bug #1408188: Plymouth text mode splash invisible on Mint 17.1 Rebecca (upsets full disk encryption). [With Fix]. Undecided New 150 weeks

From: gav
Link: mint-text.plymouth.patch


Bug #1406392: MINT 17 RC/QIANA-32 BIT-KDE Undecided New 151 weeks

From: carlos alberto guglielmelli viglioni
Link: Área de trabalho 1_004.png

Área de trabalho 1_004.png

Bug #1238964: Desktop launchers launch applications in xterm instead of x-terminal-emulator Undecided Confirmed 152 weeks

From: Raphaël HALIMI
Link: support-mate-terminal.patch


Bug #1404130: Upload Manager fails to copy files with a space in the name using SCP Undecided Fix Committed 153 weeks

From: Brian Millham
Link: 0001-Fixes-both-spaces-in-filename-problems-and-allows-DS.patch


Bug #1402588: Laptop Asus Z99He internal speaker not working until I enable EAPD Undecided New 153 weeks

From: Dmitry
Link: alsa-hda-add-eapd-fixup-for-asus-z99he-laptop.patch


Bug #1377657: Mint fails to boot with a kernel panic when using LVM on EFI systems Undecided Confirmed 164 weeks

From: david wood
Link: 10_linux.patch

Workaround/demontration patch on /usr/share/ubuntu-system-adjustments/grub/10_linux

Bug #1334087: Linux Mint 17 MATE 64bits No network monitor activity Undecided New 165 weeks

From: braikar
Link: patch_alx-3.14.diff


Bug #1341617: [add-apt-repository] The option -r, --remove does not work in LM17 x64 Undecided Confirmed 173 weeks

From: Justin Luth

version of that implements remove_repository_via_cli

Bug #1340788: Mint-X: panel appearance is broken because of typo in configuration Undecided New 176 weeks

From: gonse
Link: panel-buttons.patch


Bug #1340005: gnome-do unable to find or launch terminal Undecided New 176 weeks

From: Kevin K Schmidt
Link: gnome-terminal.desktop


Bug #1293569: iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode causes network disconnections problems Undecided New 184 weeks

From: Emmanuel Grumbach
Link: 0001-iwlwifi-mvm-disable-beacon-filtering.patch


Bug #1207812: [FFe] Update libimobiledevice to support iOS 7, fix Trust Prompt Looping Undecided Fix Committed 195 weeks

From: Yanpas
Link: libimobiledevice4_1.1.6-git20140105_amd64.deb

new libimobiledevice

Bug #971061: acpi reports battery state incorrectly Undecided New 196 weeks

From: juanmanuel
Link: samsung_fix_ec_events.c


Bug #1268793: X server failing to start on boot - Disk write loop Undecided Confirmed 201 weeks

From: Thomas

This small patch should be run automaticly on shutdown

Bug #1263939: bad file size is displayed in caja Undecided New 204 weeks

From: Pavel75
Link: 103,5Mb.png

file size = 108598490 bytes \ 1024 \ 1024 = 103,56Mb

Bug #1258940: gdm doesn't fire upstart event login-session-start Undecided New 207 weeks

From: Jasmin Jessich
Link: mdm_upstart_event.patch

Patch for Olivia to get the login-session-start upstart event

Bug #1246603: [mintSources] Software Sources window is too wide in russian language Undecided New 212 weeks

From: Vort
Link: mintsources_mintsources-ru.po.diff


Bug #1223631: LMDE64 Cinnamon won't continue with custom install Undecided New 218 weeks

From: Drake Wilson
Link: dpw-20130920-fix-gtk_interface-missing-set_sensitive.diff

Reënable buttons during finish-custom-install code

Bug #1199370: mintupdate / apt requires access to my home directory Undecided New 228 weeks

From: John Edwards
Link: mintupdate

mintupdate chdir patch

Bug #947358: No such file or directory: "/usr/share/games/smc/campaign" on Ubuntu Precise and later Undecided Confirmed 229 weeks

From: Evgeni Golov
Link: smc-install-campaigns.patch


Bug #1180986: X Segmentation fault with dual-head config on Matrox G45FMDVP32DB /32MB /DVI /VGA Undecided New 230 weeks
Bug #1185880: Broken progress indicator in gdebi-kde Undecided New 232 weeks

From: Francois Gouget
Link: progress.diff

Fix for the progress indicators

Bug #1169103: LMDE - gksudo instead of gksu in mintInstall.desktop Undecided New 235 weeks

From: Johan Binard
Link: mintInstall.desktop

replace gksu by gksudo

Bug #1177510: USB Image Writer (mintstick) case-sensitive file extension Undecided New 237 weeks

From: MrBeReady
Link: mintstick.patch

patch to make file extension match case-insensitive

Bug #1171125: [PATCH] Wrong hostname label anchor in the "Elegance" MDM theme Undecided New 240 weeks

From: Jaromír Cápík
Link: elegance-theme.patch


Bug #1152602: Adwaita gtk2 greyed out checkbox is always unchecked Undecided New 245 weeks

From: Jos De Graeve -
Link: Adwaita.patch

Seems to fix the issue

Bug #1081489: autofs package is missing the module(!); negating autofs-enabled sssd functionality (automount fails) Undecided New 250 weeks

From: martin
Link: autofs-5.0.6-enable-sssd.patch


Bug #1095916: Nemo description is wrong Undecided Confirmed 254 weeks

From: Rafael Belmonte
Link: patch.debdiff


Bug #1093304: Update Manager; resizing history window Undecided Confirmed 257 weeks

From: Geoffrey Paul
Link: 0001-Change-Update-history-window-from-center-always-to-c.patch


Bug #1086982: Nemo Doesn't Show Icons in Sctripts Menu Undecided New 259 weeks

From: Tsu Jan
Link: make-templates-and-scripts-menus-show-icons.patch

Show Icons in Scripts and Templates Menus

Bug #845099: mintupdate mangles changelogs Undecided New 260 weeks

From: steffmeister

Bug #1001902: xdg-open is not mate compatible Undecided New 262 weeks

From: malheum
Link: xdg-open.patch


Bug #1063801: Chrome opens mailto: links wrongly Undecided New 267 weeks

From: Xiong Changnian
Link: xdg-email-patch

A one-line workaround to the mailto: link issue.

Bug #998445: ComboBoxText does not work anymore Undecided New 274 weeks

From: EdorFaus
Link: 0001-entry-Fix-the-ComboBoxText-construction-so-the-dropm.patch

Simple patch that fixes the bug.

Bug #1016919: metacity theme 'Mint-X' corner outline off by a few pixels Undecided New 283 weeks

From: Maarten Baert
Link: themediff.txt

Patch for metacity-theme-1.xml

Bug #898184: MATE menu keyboard shortcut doesn't work Undecided Confirmed 285 weeks

From: J. Albert

Bug #902485: mpd unable to create database Undecided New 299 weeks

From: Benoît Knecht
Link: Remove_start-create-db_from_mpd_init_script_usage_string.patch


Bug #904817: MGSE menu doesn't show submenus Undecided Fix Committed 310 weeks

From: Gwendal LE BIHAN
Link: mgse-menu.diff


Bug #903607: window not displayed in taskbar when opend from dashboard Undecided Fix Committed 310 weeks

From: Gwendal LE BIHAN
Link: mgse-windowlist.diff


Bug #901786: [mintmenu] Not display some entries when the dock has many items Undecided Fix Committed 311 weeks

From: Gwendal LE BIHAN
Link: mgse-menu.diff


Bug #902119: Window List should show entire name on mouseover Undecided Fix Committed 311 weeks

From: Gwendal LE BIHAN
Link: mgse-windowlist.diff


Bug #664751: [mintmenu] not launching MS Office properly Medium Fix Committed 319 weeks

From: Steve Randall
Link: mintmenu.patch

Unescape exec string

Bug #845351: Linux Mint 11 Gnome won't update PlayOnLinux through update manager Undecided New 324 weeks

From: rethr
Link: install play on linux

shell script

Bug #748627: [mintUpdate] clicking the "Update" column header does not sort by the state the checkbox is in Undecided Fix Committed 324 weeks

From: Gwendal LE BIHAN

Bug #844534: Help -> Contents menu not working on any Linux Mint 11 GNOME application (patch included) Undecided New 324 weeks

From: o1092245
Link: yelp.desktop-20110904.patch.gz


Bug #825625: [LMDE] ntfs-3g unable to mount NTFS volumes as unprivileged user Medium Confirmed 327 weeks

From: randomizer
Link: fix-udisks-policy.patch


Bug #823791: Wifi led is blinking when iwlagn driver loaded Undecided New 328 weeks

From: Laurent Dufrechou
Link: iwlagn.conf

Disable led blinking for iwlagn driver

Bug #798177: mintmenu suggestions installer not working (python-apt problem) Undecided New 329 weeks

From: voytek

diff > ~/diffs/

Bug #815005: minimal highlight tool from mintsystem causes hangs Undecided New 331 weeks

From: Heiko Voigt

Bug #793718: Xfce mintDesktop incorrectly reports that the vesa driver is being used. Undecided New 337 weeks

From: voytek
Link: compiz-check.diff


Bug #791742: Mint-X theme ignores application font size set in "Appearance" UI Undecided Confirmed 338 weeks

From: Martin F. Schumann
Link: gtkrc

The gtkrc file for Mint-X with the hardcoded font sizes commented out

Bug #611240: need to be able to launch mintmenu from a dock Wishlist Confirmed 348 weeks

From: Eric Ding
Link: mintMenu.patch

verify that module is being run standalone

Bug #578754: Top screen corners don't register mouse clicks; prevents closing maximised windows without placing cursor correctly over the button. Undecided Triaged 366 weeks

From: randomizer
Link: Shiki-Colors-Metacity_metacity-theme-1.xml.diff


Bug #527267: Application Indicators too wide Undecided Triaged 393 weeks

From: Andreas
Link: applet-main.diff


Bug #546032: [PATCH] tcsh-6.17.06-2 $COLUMNS $LINES not set Undecided Triaged 400 weeks

From: B Bobo
Link: csh.login.patch

patch 2: /etc/csh.login

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