Not transparent file name label at rename file in icon view (nemo)

Bug #1258397 reported by Hyun Su, Mun on 2013-12-06
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Linux Mint

Bug Description

Not transparent file name label at rename file in icon view (nemo)

OS) Linux Mint cinnamon 16 Petra

1. lunch nemo
2. if not icon view, then change icon view
3. file or directory select (green highlight)
4. press F2 or Right click->rename
5. file/dir name label is selected. but it's background color to black. not transparent
6. so hard to read name.

Hyun Su, Mun (munhyunsu) wrote :
Hyun Su, Mun (munhyunsu) wrote :

problem is same in Compact view. just not List view

Dean Mellas (dmellas) wrote :

I have the same problem with the stable Petra Cinnamon 64-bit. This bug was reported to the RC blog, but it remains in the stable installation, too.

Dean Mellas (dmellas) wrote :

The problem is caused by some conflict in the ibus input method management system, especially when adding Korean as an input method to ibus (package ibus-hangul). By disabling ibus, the problem went away. So it appears that ibus IM, especially with Korean, is conflicting with nemo's ability to right-click rename (rename works, but you can't see the text) and renaming more than one file in list view (which breaks nemo completely until you log out and back in again).

Dean Mellas (dmellas) wrote :

Just to clarify my last comment. By mentioning "renaming more that one file" in nemo, I mean, in succession. In list view, with this bug in effect, you can only rename one part of one filename... if you try to modify, for example, the beginning and then the end of one file (i.e., with a long name) that also breaks nemo. You can see the text in list view, but then nemo fails completely. You can rename text in icon view, but you can't see what you're doing.

The same with me, 64bit installation, I use iBus with Japanese

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还魂草 (linuxer1024) wrote :

The same with me, 32bit installation Linux MInt 16 and LMDE, I use fcitx with Chinese.

tags: added: chinese
还魂草 (linuxer1024) wrote :

I installed Linux mint 17 RC cinnamon 32bit today, and I still can't rename file or directory in Nemo with fcitx.
fcitx is the best input method in chinese.

M Henri Day (mhenriday) wrote :

Om my main computer, on which I run a Swedish-language version of 64-bit Linux Mint 16 with the Cinnamon desktop and with ibus installed for Chinese (pinyin) and Japanese (Anthy), I encounter the issue described above ; i e, when I right-click a file and choose «Rename», the background becomes black, rendering it difficult to see the changes I'm attempting to type in. On another machine running the same version of Mint, but on which ibus is not installed, I don't see this problem. I used to use SCIM, which I much prefered, rather than ibus, but since the former no longer supports pinyin, I'm restricted to ibus. Is anyone working on this bug ? I'm rather dismayed to hear that it's still present on Mint 17, as I had hoped that I'd be able to do an end run 'round the problem by upgrading next week....


Emery Bowles (emerydesu) wrote :

Me too, Mint 17 64bit Cinnamon, I use ibus with Japanese. I can't rename files in Nemo with ibus running. After killing ibus, I can rename again.

ddreamer (ddreamer) wrote :

I am using LMDE with latest update. Nemo is having the same problem as described earlier: too dark filename and background color to distinguish the inputed filename when renaming.

ddreamer (ddreamer) wrote :

"ps aux | grep ibus" showed only 1 result: "grep --colour=auto ibus", indicating ibus isn't running in my system. But the problem exists.

Martin Atkins (martin-mca-ltd) wrote :

A variant of this affects me: I see the old filename in the rename edit box, but the keyboard doesn't work, I can't delete, or enter characters, or use the cursor keys.

Mint 17, with ibus for itrans Hindi input.

BTW: it worked fine before installing ibus


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