banshee 2.6.0 crashes on re-scan - too many open files (anon_inode)

Bug #1089821 reported by Sam Liddicott on 2012-12-13
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Linux Mint

Bug Description

Using linux mint 14 fresh install, old home directories, fresh .config/basnshee-1

Every time, "Re-scan Music Library" crashes banshee after a hundred or so files are imported.

Running from a terminal shows:

(Banshee:13945): GLib-ERROR **: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Too many open files

Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

While importing, lsof shows lots of lines like this:
banshee 14162 sam 56u 0000 0,9 0 7050 anon_inode

(growing at a rate of around 10 per second) - no wonder it runs out of file handles.

Sam Liddicott (sam-liddicott) wrote :

This occurs with every banshee extension disabled

Sam Liddicott (sam-liddicott) wrote :

My music library is on an smb network share --- in case it matters (I have to re-import my library because /run/user/gvfs is now where this is mounted)

Sam Liddicott (sam-liddicott) wrote :

In an attempt to work around this I did

sudo bash
ulimit -n 100000
su - sam
DISPLAY=:0 banshee

and then import my library

but NOW lsof does not show all these anon inodes at all!
Instead it shows the folders and file being imported at that instant.

However, this does NOT solve the problem:
su -c 'DISPLAY=:0 banshee' sam

So invoking via root probably alters the environment in a way that affects how banshee operates

Sam Liddicott (sam-liddicott) wrote :

This DOES solve the problem: su - -c 'banshee' sam

Sam Liddicott (sam-liddicott) wrote :

su -l -c 'banshee' sam

avoids the "too many open files" crash, it hangs some time later (not always on the same file) which is perhaps already reported elsewhere

Marc (meckhert) wrote :

Just got this crash in a fresh install of Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. Tried to import about a terabyte of music on an FreeNAS SMB share and got the "Too many open files" GLib-Error after about 450 tracks. Was able to reproduce.

garyo (garyo) wrote :

Reproduces every time for me. Music is on an SMB share. Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca, fresh install.

Chow Loong Jin (hyperair) wrote :

This just happened to me as well. I unplugged my phone and it stopped growing. Try that?

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