Comment 184 for bug 445852

adamski (adam-hasselbalch) wrote :


I have /dev/zeroed both the 4G and the 16G SSDs in my Eee PC after running into this bug. When I discovered what was going on, I had used Karmic for about one hour.

The 4G drive seems to be OK.'badblocks -s' finish with no reports.

The 16G drive is dead. Stuffed to the brim with bad sectors, and dmesg shows I/O errors galore. This is both with 9.04 and 8.04 (which was my last known good installation) kernels. 8.04 allowed me to actually make a partition table after 9.04 failed with I/O errors all over the place. 8.04 also allowed me to create a file system. badblocks(1), however, show that there are still tons of errors on the drive.

I am going to try another /dev/zeroing of the 16G drive with a 8.04 kernel, for good measure, but I am not optimistic, since the HSM violations are gone, and what I see is, as mentioned, what looks like hardware I/O errors.

Mind you, both these drives worked fine prior to installing 9.10, but now, one disk is dead.

I am NOT really happy with Ubuntu right now. Spare Asus SSDs (which of course don't use regular SATA connections) are not a common commodity here, so for all intents and purposes, Karmic has bricked my Eee.