Comment 65 for bug 370173

Well, worse looking at this bug suggests it's a collection of different
problems, and instead of trying to triage, reproduce it, and working on
the bugs one-on-one, they are collecting it into one big bug, with no
hope of ever fixing it.

In my case, the buggy overheating leads to a situation where my laptop
is not capable of running Ubuntu, without major nursing by a Linux
old-hand. That basically destroys the value-proposition of Ubuntu. If I
need to tweak, hack, and so on, I do not need Ubuntu, there are
certainly distributions better suited to this.

Basically, it's an irritating situation for me, that I can survive, in
the hope that it will happen to get better, by random change, because
one does not get the impression that Ubuntu even cares. Would the laptop
be owned by some 3rd party that is not as well versed in Linux, this
would be a major disaster.

I wonder what would happen if I buy an installation support package from
Canonical, and then end up with this situation? Would that make anyone
care for this problem?

As far as I've sampled this bug, Jaunty seems to have often problems
with AMD based laptop, which makes one wonder how common this problem