Comment 74 for bug 349314

MITFAGWTF (jason-krider) wrote :

Ok, I am a total noob to this stuff.... let me give my stupid version for any dummies coming later.

If you have a eeepc 1000HD, and you install Ubuntu, and then the mouse is all janky, then you need to be here on this page. The instructions are still assuming you're smart, which your not, cuz your reading this.

Begin by pointing your firefox browser to this site:

then download all the .deb files to your desktop.

Then, open up the terminal. It's located in the accessories folder from the homescreen. (yes, the mouse is janky, but just chill.)

Open up terminal, and type "cd ~/Desktop" to go to desktop.

Then, type "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" and hit enter.

Then, reboot your computer.


Thanks to @Lesseps for the brillz *comment.