Comment 5 for bug 923888

Raybuntu (raybuntu) wrote :

@Rob Clark: Totem plays them even worse! I can't see anything because of the blur. I can attach a photo too later. I don't really think that the clips are interlaced since I watch them on my HTPC without deinterlace filter and they look fine. But I also figured there might be multiple problems.

@Kan HU: I'm not really sure because of the copyright! I could just dd 5-6MB of the clips and send them by email. Just give me your email or send me one (my address can be found in my launchpad profile). You could also just recreate it by dumping a clip from a DVD by:

mplayer dvd://n -v -dumpstream -dumpfile filename.vob

where "n" is the number of the track found with lsdvd.
I saw that problem in all the dumps I tried.