LSK Boot test failed: fvp_base_cortex-a57x4-a53x4 at cpuidle_driver_ref

Bug #1304028 reported by Naresh Kamboju
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Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK)
Fix Committed

Bug Description

Boot test failed:
- linaro-android_armv8-lsk-pre-merge-ci on device rtsm_fvp_base_cortex-a57x4-a53x4

- FVP Base models
- ARMv8-LSK-Android-pre-merge-ci build

Kernel back trace:
[ 14.514316] binder: 1744:1744 ioctl c0186201 fffef9c0 returned -22
 [ 14.514479] binder: 1744:1744 ioctl c0186201 fffef8e8 returned -22
 [ 14.615182] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000010
 [ 14.615238] pgd = ffffffc87f1d9000
 [ 14.615282] [00000010] *pgd=0000000000000000
 [ 14.615336] Internal error: Oops: 96000005 [#1] SMP
 [ 14.615377] Modules linked in: gator
 [ 14.615457] CPU: 1 PID: 1754 Comm: keystore Not tainted 3.10.36-00191-g14a31bf #1
 [ 14.615526] task: ffffffc87f445500 ti: ffffffc87ed5c000 task.ti: ffffffc87ed5c000
 [ 14.615597] PC is at cpuidle_driver_ref+0x24/0x4c
 [ 14.615660] LR is at cpuidle_driver_ref+0x18/0x4c


[ 14.625129] [<ffffffc0004536dc>] cpuidle_driver_ref+0x24/0x4c
 [ 14.625201] [<ffffffc0000cef50>] hmp_idle_pull+0x354/0x4b0
 [ 14.625274] [<ffffffc0000d2b5c>] idle_balance+0x14c/0x188
 [ 14.625351] [<ffffffc00058cd54>] __schedule+0x63c/0x76c
 [ 14.625426] [<ffffffc00058cea8>] schedule+0x24/0x68
 [ 14.625502] [<ffffffc00058d150>] io_schedule+0x5c/0x90
 [ 14.625574] [<ffffffc000127194>] sleep_on_page_killable+0x8/0x48
 [ 14.625650] [<ffffffc00058b3e4>] __wait_on_bit+0x98/0xd0
 [ 14.625726] [<ffffffc000129638>] wait_on_page_bit_killable+0x78/0x8c
 [ 14.625803] [<ffffffc0001296f4>] __lock_page_or_retry+0xa8/0xcc
 [ 14.625879] [<ffffffc000129a98>] filemap_fault+0x380/0x3a8
 [ 14.625951] [<ffffffc0001464dc>] __do_fault+0x68/0x538
 [ 14.626026] [<ffffffc000148ff0>] handle_pte_fault+0x6c/0x840
 [ 14.626103] [<ffffffc00014a778>] handle_mm_fault+0xec/0x180
 [ 14.626176] [<ffffffc0000912f0>] do_page_fault+0x208/0x35c
 [ 14.626243] [<ffffffc000081118>] do_mem_abort+0x38/0x9c
 [ 14.626303] Exception stack(0xffffffc87ed5fe30 to 0xffffffc87ed5ff50)

Linux kernel Version:
Linux version 3.10.36-00191-g14a31bf (jenkins-build@ip-10-40-85-170) (gcc version 4.8.3 20131111 (prerelease) (Linaro GCC 4.8-2013.11) ) #1 SMP Fri Apr 4 22:19:16 UTC 2014

Android Build:

Tags: armv8 lsk
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Naresh Kamboju (naresh-kamboju) wrote :

linaro-android_armv8-lsk-pre-merge-ci_lava_job log

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Alex Shi (alex-shi) wrote :


I don't know the last commit for this bug, no commit '14a31bf' exists in current lsk-test branch.
And can not reproduce this bug on latest lsk-test branch:

commit 92a58eb83599bbab42364d3a11ec9672411a6257
Merge: b31c695 270cfc4
Author: Mark Brown <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:39:29 2014 +0100

    Merge branch 'lsk-v3.10-pinctrl' into linux-linaro-lsk

Can you find out and confirm which commit is bad? and how to reproduce this bug?


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Naresh Kamboju (naresh-kamboju) wrote :

As per the pinned manifest from the build.

Linux tree, branch and commit.
<project groups="vexpress-lsk" name="kernel/linux-linaro-stable" path="kernel/linaro/vexpress-lsk" remote="linaro-other" revision="14a31bfd6672fe6b6c9b152cdafa71863f937504" upstream="linux-linaro-lsk-android-test"/>

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Naresh Kamboju (naresh-kamboju) wrote :
description: updated
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Tixy (Jon Medhurst) (tixy) wrote :

This is cased by cpuidle_driver_ref() not coping with there being no driver present. This was fixed in linus 3.12 by commit 3b9c10e98021e1f92e6f8c7ce1778b86ba68db10 (cpuidle: Check the result of cpuidle_get_driver() against NULL)

After cherry-picking that, the ARMv8 base model boots OK for me.

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Mark Brown (broonie) wrote :

I've pulled a revert of the entire set of HMP updates from Tixy following additional discussion.

Will propose the above fix for LTS anyway, and if it doesn't get in pick it for LSK - Tixy, please nag me if this doesn't actually happen.

Changed in linaro-stable-kernel:
status: New → Fix Committed
tags: added: armv8 lsk
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