Comment 4 for bug 897176

Tixy (Jon Medhurst) (tixy) wrote :

I have committed the patch to vold which increase the maximum number of partitions to 8, see;a=commit;h=580eb3e00cd1209a5cb75a8e67d28808a25b20a1

On the Versatile Express board I have a /etc/vold.fstab file, which mounts the sdcard partition and this now works correctly. Other devices may not have this (snowball doesn't), so this bug is probably not fixed on those boards.

I notice that the ti/panda device doesn't use a vold.fstab, instead it seems to create a virtual sdcard in /data/media (see init.omap4pandaboard.rc). I don't know if this is the new preferred way of emulating sdcard in ICS?