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Bug #1248910: Several options missing from man page Undecided Fix Committed 237 weeks

From: Oliver Sander
Link: 0002-Added-missing-command-options-to-the-synopsis.patch


Bug #623628: Lightspark crashes on processors without SSE2 Low Confirmed 269 weeks

From: Jonathan Neuschäfer
Link: native.diff

[abc] set LLVM's target triple to "native"

Bug #1000818: plugin fails to link to gtk Undecided New 314 weeks

From: RedDwarf
Link: lightspark-0.5.7-underlinking.patch

More correct patch (gthread)

Bug #860960: Render thread checks for OpenGL 2.0 support in software only Undecided Incomplete 347 weeks

From: Connor Behan
Link: nitpick.diff

Prints more information about why Lightspark crashed

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