internal exchange invitations do appear as own events

Bug #615631 reported by Simon Schubert on 2010-08-10
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Exchange Data Provider for Lightning
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Bug Description

I've upgraded to the latest git, and something has changed with meetings. They appear correctly in the calendar, but I used to be able to open them and set the accept/decline as appropriate (it default to tentative accept for me). This change then made it back to exchange. Now I get a the same dialog box as I would if I had created the meeting - no change to accept/decline, nor to set reminders. Seems strange, as the old behaviour seemed to be the correct one (If I created teh meeting then I could change the time etc, but if I was an invitee then I could just accept/decline and set reminders. I could also see who had been invited, which is not there either.

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Chris Dolan (aelien27) wrote :

I believe there's more to this issue than is reported.

I use this add-on at work. When I receive an invitation, the act of clicking "Accept" seems to send a new invitation to everyone on the original invite list, with me as the organizer.

At best, this is confusing to the other attendees. At worst, it is very embarrassing. I'd like to argue for an increase in importance from Low to High.

Shane Mc Cormack (dataforce) wrote :

+1 from me, I also use this at work and have the error with it re inviting everyone to a new event rather than just accepting the given event.

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Is fix in trunk?

I believe* to use git version and today I cause some problem 'hijacking' one of our meeting.

*How can to be sure? Add-ons Windows shows me version 0.11, but I downloaded version from git.

Erkko Autio (erkko-autio) wrote :

I can report the same problem with Thunderbird 3.1.7, latest git, and Ms Exchange 2003. I respond to meeting request with 'accept' (only downloaded the extension today so have not seen any other behaviour) and I seem to become the meeting owner, with myself sending invitations to everyone in the original list of invitees.

Also, as another problem, Lightning suddenly stopped showing the calendar at all (even previously there was a delay before the calendar data was shown). I will now reinstall the extension to see if this can be remedied.

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mike (mdheffner) wrote :

I have also seen this problem. I have the same question as Wawrzyniec. Is the fix for this in the trunk?

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

It doesn't seem so - I'll have to revisit this.

lhecking (lhecking) wrote :

Re #1: when importing events in iCal format, I also get listed as organizer and invitations are sent.
Even when the organizer in the .ics file is clearly someone else. 0.11+tb 3.1.7.

Sven (sven-solberg) wrote :

I can confirm this bug using Exchange 2010 too.

An invite comes in from an external Exchange 2007 server to our Exchange 2010 server, along with invites to people on other domains. Accepting the invite re-writes it so that the it appears to come from us and is sent out too all internal/external recipients again.

Just on a side note, I've seen exactly the same behavior from GMail too! Not a clue what's going on there, but I just thought you'd like to know.


Sven (sven-solberg) wrote :

Sorry for re-posting straight after my own posting... I've just downloaded the 0.12 add-on from the home page ( Installed version says it's v0.11, file 101514 appears to be the old version.

Just for info to other reading this, the correct URL is

I've managed to install the v0.12 version and it is still exhibiting the same issue.

Set the Exchange 2010 IMAP4 service so that the meeting invites appear as iCalender, and not a URL.

1. Create Gmail event, invite internal exchange participant and others in other domains.
2. Using the iCal invite in the Exchane Inbox, accept the meeting.
3. Meeting invite is re-issued to all participants in all domains.


If you use the "Invitations" link at the bottom of the Thunderbird status bar and accept it that way, then the meeting request is *not* reissued to everyone. Everything works as expected.

Ian Poynter (ianpoynter) wrote :

I'm also seeing this on Exchange2010. Not much more data to report, but I'd be happy to furnish logs or other info if required.

Ian Poynter (ianpoynter) wrote :

This also appears to happen when I snooze an alarm on one of these meetings. It looks like I'll have to stop using this again. Sigh.

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

Or you could go ahead and fix it yourself!

Joe Niski (joeniski) wrote :

i'm having the same problem, but (strangely) one only one of two identically-configured machines.

Both are running Ubuntu 10.10, Thunderbird (aka Shredder) version 3.1.9 pre, Lightning 1.0b2, Provider for Google Calendar 0.7.1, and provider_for_microsoft_exchange-0.12. Both are connecting to the same (3rd-party hosted) Exchange server used by my employer. Both machines connect to the Exchange servier via the public Internet.

On one machine i can accept/decline invitations as expected (by clicking a button in the message window, response goes only to the organizer). On the other machine, when i accept/decline, the invitation is sent anew to all the original recipients, from me. Deadly for "all staff" meetings.

It appears, as Sven noted above, that the "Inviations" link in the status bar works appropriately on the machine that otherwise exhibits the problem.

Joe Niski (joeniski) wrote :

addendum to my last comment:

When responding to an invitation or update via the "Invitations" link in the status bar, the invitation is automatically deleted from my inbox - cool! That never happens when click the accept/decline/tentative buttons in the invitation message.

Jens Jensen (zerog2k) wrote :

also just bitten by this one.

Like others, clicked "decline" on an "all staff" sort of meeting.
instead of declining (and possibly sending status to the organizer), it rewrote/resent calendar item to 100+ users making it look like I was the organizer.

im on rhel6.1 beta, thunderbird 3.1.9, lightning 1.0b2, provider for ms exchange 0.12. (64-bit)

I'm going to have to be very cautious with Lightning now....

Lightning: what a truly apt name for this app! (pun intended. understandable that this may actually be with the provider plugin)

Same thing. Clicked Accept and inadvertently sent out the meeting invite to everyone on the list.

Ubuntu 10.10
Thunderbird 3.1.10
Lightning 1.0b2
Exchange Provider 0.12

Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:

Andy Chen (ppstay) wrote :

+5 as I have seen this happen to my colleagues.

Andy Chen (ppstay) wrote :

How much time does it take for a skilled programmer to get started with this extension? If it is acceptable for me I can definitely help on the bug fixing.

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

That would be great. It basically takes no time. Just get the git repo and start editing the js sources. Maybe use the questions interface if you need some help around the code. I just pushed a fix to a bug, but I don't know whether this fix this issue.

Jens Jensen (zerog2k) wrote :

Thanks Simon, I think several of us here would be happy to start combing through the code to figure out if we can be of assistance.

Your potential fix is this one?

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

yes, that was definitely a bug. However, I don't know if that patch fixed it.

Sven (sven-solberg) wrote :

I think there is another bug in 0.14. For some reason there are *no* notifications being sent out.

 * Add new item into calender
 * Select invitees
 * Save & Close

No one gets the invite.

Calender attendant is enabled for both myself the other user. I'll see what I can do about getting some debug for this.

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

Can you confirm that 0.14 fixes this bug? If so, we can close it. Please open a new bug report for new buggy behavior.


Jeremy Nickurak (nickurak) wrote :

Any clear/safe way of reproducing and testing this, without a risk of inviting a hundred or so people to an event? I'd love for this to work, but I can't risk that again. I know this is a hard problem, and I'm not complaining about it not being fixed yet, but there really needs to be a big scary warning on the webpage and in the documentation until you're sure this is gone.

Simon Schubert (corecode) wrote :

Try with a co-worker just inviting you?

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