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Bug #1752609: Compilation error on FreeBSD due to dropped utmp Undecided New 16 weeks

From: Frédéric Fauberteau
Link: patch-src_session-child.c

Disable utmp for FreeBSD >= 9.0

Bug #1752586: Invalid test in Undecided New 16 weeks

From: Frédéric Fauberteau

Fix invalid test

Bug #1741685: lightdm does not correctly find seat-name-dependent configuration settings in lightdm.conf Undecided New 24 weeks

From: David Rohr
Link: seat.patch


Bug #1732850: Wrong variant in CanSuspend and CanHibernate in ConsoleKit2 support. High Fix Committed 31 weeks

From: Joel Barrios
Link: lightdm-1.24.0-fix-consolekit2-support.patch


Bug #1366534: lightdm lefts a11y (at-spi*) process behind Undecided New 39 weeks

From: Samuel thibault
Link: patch

proposed fix.

Bug #1707187: Export autologin-session to greeter Wishlist Fix Committed 47 weeks

From: Roland Tapken
Link: lightdm_fix-add-autologin-session-to-greeter-hints.patch

Export autologin-session as hint

Bug #1663157: Guest session processes are not confined in 16.10 and newer releases Undecided New 58 weeks

From: Robert Ancell
Link: lightdm-zesty-lp1663157.debdiff


Bug #1668494: support to disable root login Undecided New 69 weeks

From: yetist
Link: lightdm-allow-root.patch


Bug #1658950: does not offer C.UTF-8 locale Undecided New 74 weeks

From: Piotr Engelking
Link: lightdm-use-is-utf8.patch


Bug #1642725: lightdm combined with pam_ldap and mixed case usernames results in broken group enumeration, etc. Undecided New 83 weeks

From: Bpkroth
Link: 842202-partial.patch


Bug #944041: lightdm not compatible with ldap based user accounts Medium Incomplete 86 weeks

From: Michal Sojka
Link: 0001-Load-all-users-only-when-really-needed.patch


Bug #1579867: lightdm set SIGPIPE disposition to SIG_IGN even for children Medium Fix Committed 111 weeks

From: Yves-Alexis Perez
Link: lightdm-sigpipe.diff

reset SIGPIPE to SIG_DFL after forking

Bug #1539445: PAM User info messages do not localized Undecided New 125 weeks

From: Sergey Fedotov
Link: allow-localized-pam-user-info-messages.patch

I tried solve problem with attached patch but with no luck :(

Bug #1507854: Wrong $LANG environment var set by lightdm Undecided New 138 weeks

From: Piotr Jurkiewicz
Link: utf8.patch


Bug #1249515: regression with session-cleanup-script triggering without actual logins Undecided New 236 weeks

From: Mike Forester
Link: lightdm-1.8.5-cleanup-script.patch


Bug #1246770: no consolekit session created when logind session available Medium Triaged 238 weeks

From: Yves-Alexis Perez
Link: 06_allow_libpamsystemd_and_ck_together.patch

setup consolekit session even if a logind session is available

Bug #1071870: All .face files checked on startup, leading to high load with large user bases and automounting Medium Incomplete 295 weeks

From: Ritesh Khadgaray
Link: face-icon.patch

proposed patch

Bug #1071417: Inconsistent behavior when restoring default session and language Undecided New 295 weeks

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
Link: lightdm-fix-accountsservice-handling.patch

Patch to fix restoring of language from AccountsService

Bug #1068853: Inconsistent behavior when storing default session and language Undecided New 296 weeks

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
Link: lightdm-fix-dmrc-handling.patch

Patch to fix the handling of writing to dmrc

Bug #945749: Mouse pointer jerky on login screen Undecided Incomplete 308 weeks

From: Jeb E.
Link: Unity-greeter-fix

Patch containing necessary text files to insert into a virtual terminal.

Bug #1016504: lightdm multiseat minimum-vt > 7 breaks console on boot Medium New 313 weeks

From: Thorsten Kohfeldt
Link: lightdm-1.2.2-VTpatch.diff


Bug #883189: Need better(-located) documentation on lightdm.conf Medium Triaged 331 weeks

From: Matt Fischer
Link: lightdm_conf_manpage.patch

basic manpage that points to the sample config file

Bug #871667: .Xauthority sometimes owned by root, which blocks login Undecided New 349 weeks

From: Robert Ancell
Link: 00bzr_fix_xauthority_ownership.patch

Propsed patch that corrects permissions for ~/.Xauthority

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