Bug #1653703 reported by tele1234567891 on 2017-01-03
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Light Display Manager

Bug Description

My $PATH is empty when I'm use Lightdm

I know this is not bug,
but if with GDM and Lxdm is set so with Lightdm also should.

Terminal in Lightdm working only when
- PATH is set hand
- or if kdelibs is installed (because it provide script with PATH)

What is problem ?
- With GDM PATH exist
- With LXDM PATH exist

In Lxdm I see line
src/lxdm.c: env=g_environ_setenv(env, "PATH", "/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin", TRUE); /* set proper default */

In LightDM I see
src/session-child.c: pam_putenv (pam_handle, "PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin");
src/seat.c: process_set_env (script, "PATH", "/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin");

I can not find other file, so maybe PATH is set from GDM and Lxdm ?

I use lightdm-1.19.5 on UPLOS 32 bit,
 I don't use PAM.

If you will have more time,
check $PATH in lightdm. ( should be or not ... )

tele1234567891 (swojskichlopak) wrote :

Sorry maybe is not empty, but I have missing /bin in $PATH with only Lightdm

bash: id: not found
bash: id: not found
bash: id: not found
bash: [: too much argumentów
bash: grep: not found
bash: uname: not found
bash: uname: not found
bash: grep: not found
bash: grep: not found
[gg@localhost ~]$ echo $PATH

I checked setup package with
 grep -ri "/usr/local/bin"
and I have in csh.login if $PATH will be empty ?

if ( ! $?PATH ) then
   setenv PATH "/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"

I checked /etc/profile.d , /etc/profile again and don't have
and this is all.

tele1234567891 (swojskichlopak) wrote :

Funny is, becase "echo" is in /bin and working,
maybe somewhere is link.

If $PATH is not empty something added "/usr/local/bin" without /bin
and I can not find.
I can only add manually to
or to /etc/profile

tele1234567891 (swojskichlopak) wrote :

For now I added to /etc/profile line


At the beginning


export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin

2. Manjaro Linux use /etc/profile
( but without /bin , they have symlink to /usr/bin)

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