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Bug #1123588: wrong usage of the `malloc' function attribute Undecided In Progress 274 weeks

From: Matthias Klose
Link: malloc.diff


Bug #1036706: nih_option_parser() disallows negative numeric option arguments Undecided New 301 weeks

From: James Hunt
Link: nih-fix-for-bug-1036706.diff

patch for a possible fix

Bug #803587: nih-dbus-tool generates invalid c code for structure types Undecided In Progress 356 weeks

From: Scott James Remnant
Link: 803587.patch


Bug #672643: make test fails on xfs filesystem Low Triaged 394 weeks

From: Petr Lautrbach
Link: libnih-file-isdir.patch

change detection of directory to lstat() and extend test_file to cover this case

Bug #604229: dbus can function without dbus functionality Wishlist Triaged 402 weeks

From: Hanno Böck
Link: optional-dbus.patch

patch used by Gentoo

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