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Bug #1930458: Making libmemcached-1.0.18, ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer [-fpermissive] Undecided New 69 weeks
Bug #1721048: scalability issues with memaslap client Undecided New 313 weeks
Bug #1675762: Typo in memparse man page Undecided New 340 weeks
Bug #1626565: libmemcached crash after memcached_servers_reset() and subsequent memcached_server_add() Undecided New 366 weeks

From: Denis
Link: fixed patch

Bug #1451184: uint32_t overflow cause busy loop in 1.0.18 Undecided New 437 weeks
Bug #1410826: Typo in Undecided New 455 weeks

From: Dereckson
Link: typo fix

Bug #1245562: libmemcached does not compile on Mac OS X Mavericks Undecided In Progress 458 weeks
Bug #1400560: debug is enabled even when the --disable-debug flag is passed to configure Undecided New 460 weeks
Bug #1154159: error after resetting servers and trying to add new ones Undecided New 461 weeks
Bug #1342196: stack overflow in memcached_fetch_result Undecided New 481 weeks
Bug #1339334: memcached_fetch_result can return previously returned data Undecided New 482 weeks
Bug #1216521: libmemcached does not compile on OSX Mavericks pre-release version Medium Fix Committed 486 weeks
Bug #1308077: ensures the consistent hash cycle unchanged when collide Undecided New 494 weeks

From: Jianjun Zheng
Link: patch

Bug #1270651: [patch included] libmemcached exhibits odd behaviour on TCP connection close Medium In Progress 506 weeks

From: Rob Day
Link: fix.patch

Bug #1251482: [patch] Retry timeout should be allowed to be zero Wishlist Fix Committed 515 weeks
Bug #1220449: Fix for using the murmur3 hash function Undecided New 524 weeks
Bug #1224951: rindex undefined in libtest/ Medium Fix Committed 524 weeks
Bug #1220444: Key and value sizes hard to change in memslap Low In Progress 526 weeks
Bug #1191503: Fails to build on GNU/Hurd Undecided New 537 weeks
Bug #1179545: memcached_string_take_value() takes wrong branch Medium Fix Committed 542 weeks
Bug #1135781: Never reconnect after connection reset (binary protocol) Undecided New 552 weeks
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