Comment 211 for bug 221112

At the risk of just making things worse ...

My €0.02 is that we should stick with level 5 right Control as being optional. This is a marginal (in terms of percentage of userbase that will ever see/use it) layout that people have to go out of their way to use, but still taking away a modifier is a pretty big and surprising step.

I've got sympathy with the non-breaking-space thing from a strict technical correctness point of view, however it just can't be essential for day-to-day usage if Windows requires you to enter it by the Unicode codepoint. If such a large percentage of the French-speaking world cope with it, then so can we.

I think Andreas's proposal is the only sensible one. Some people won't be happy with it, but if this discussion (and that of Bépo) has shown us anything, it's that you really can't please anyone when dealing with alternate French keyboard layouts.