Comment 179 for bug 221112

Even though I've been an IT professional for the past 3O years, I went to a large computer store in France over lunch time, to find out if such thing as a [CtrlGr] key could possibly exist on a french keyboard.

Let me tell you : I couldn't find any.

OTOH, I was surprised to notice that some tablets with removable keyboards, as well as some ultrabooks with space-saver keyboards, did not have a right [Ctrl] key at all !

All have a left [Ctrl], left [Alt] and right [AltGr].

The vast majority of times, they have a right [Ctrl] key which is similar to the left one.

But sometimes there is no right [Ctrl] at all !

This single fact prohibits a standard keymap giving a different assignation to the right [Ctrl] key, because this key may well not even exist on a given keyboard ! Thus you cannot rely on it for any feature that could be positively necessary.

That makes Yet Another Good Reason™ to keep the good 'ole behaviour of having 2 similarily mapped [Ctrl] keys.