Comment 177 for bug 221112

Repeating :

1/ Standard French keyboard has NO [CtrlGr] key. It does have 2 normal [Ctrl] keys bearing the exact same label. The right [Ctrl] key actually is a right [Ctrl] key and no other modifier or whatever.

2/ There are quite a *lot* of common, daily used by professional IT staff, keyboard shortcuts or combinations such as [Ctrl]-[Arrows], [Ctrl]-[PageUp/Down], [Ctrl]-[Home], [Ctrl]-[End], plus all such combinations adding [Shift], then [Ctrl]-L, [Ctrl]-M...

-> All these day-long used combinations can be conveniently played with 2 (or 3) fingers when the right [Ctrl] key actually is a right [Ctrl] key, and changing this key breaks them all, needing people to start using both hands for typing what they have typed with 2 fingers for 30 YEARS ! And mistype. And mistype. And mistype.

3/ The issue with Rythmbox looks solved for long, and who wants to break professional use of a keyboard for a solved bug in a music player ?

4/ Nobody (normal user) I talked to has ever heard about a "level 5" story, nor do people give a damn.

5/ Everybody wanting to type non-breakable space in word processors (LibreOffice...) do it with [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[Space] and don't need a specifically modified right Ctrl for that.

6/ Breaking right [Ctrl] breaks other apps that specifically request it NOT to be broke, such as [VirtualBox] - again professional stuff.

Breaking the right [Ctrl] keys on the french keyboard is plain stupid, period.