Comment 9 for bug 1617545

Christopher Townsend (townsend) wrote :

Ok so the click package from the Store is built against libubuntu-app-launch2, but that has recently been dropped from rc-proposed images. The image now has libubuntu-app-launch3, so a new click package needs to be made and published.

But here in lies the problem. Due to limitations in the Store, if we upload and publish a new version, users still using the stable channel will then have a broken Desktop Apps scope because the stable image does not have libubuntu-app-launch3.

As a compromise, I'm making the version of the Desktop Apps Scope available for download for users of rc-proposed. You can get it here:

Once you get his on your device, install it in a terminal by doing:
$ pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted /path/to/