Comment 5 for bug 752282

Benji York (benji) wrote :

I haven't seen this particular behavior before. Similar server (i.e.,
non-desktop) scenarios were brought up in bug 686690 and addressed in
launchpadlib 1.9.0 and later.

The keyring library has difficulties with keyring/wallet backends that
appear to be available but when used do not work. That seems to be the
class of defect being experienced here.

A version of Martin's suggestion is the best I can come up with at the
moment: Change keyringlib such that it will not consider the GNOME and
KDE backends to be available unless DISPLAY is set.

A temporary workaround would be to specify file-based token storage by
creating a ~/keyringrc.cfg file with these contents:


A tangential note: for non-interactive use (e.g., cron jobs) you should
use the credentials_file="/path/to/file" argument. In this case you'll
still get the same error unless you force a non-GUI keyring backend.

Once the credential file exists (and is valid), no further keyring
access will be attempted.