Comment 14 for bug 714043

On 9 February 2011 22:41, Julian Edwards <email address hidden> wrote:
> Why do we need a default at all?  What's wrong with forcing the user to
> explicitly specify which system they want to access?

I don't mind making them specify it explicitly as long as that's done
at the right level of abstraction: "I want to actually change things
in Launchpad", or "I want a sandbox where I can test my app without
breaking things" or maybe something else...

At the moment in Ubuntu's stable release, they must either hardcode a
URL or do the moral equivalent through string manipulation, because
there is no symbol for LPNET_SERVICE_ROOT. And that's just to get the
result of what almost every other webservice client library does,
which is to get a real connection to the main instance. Most client
users or authors don't care about lp's deployment scheme, and it
changes faster than clients are updated.

There is a lot of duplication of this across lp clients.