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William Grant (wgrant) wrote :

Here are notes I had:

 * Find all unexpired BPRs.
 * Remove any where datecreated > (now - stay of execution)
 * Remove any from a build which is referenced by a PackageUpload that
   is not DONE or REJECTED.
 * Remove any with publications where any of these hold:
   + dateremoved is NULL
   + dateremoved > (now - stay of execution)
   + archive is private
   + archive is a PPA and blacklisted
   + archive is primary and any of these hold:
     - series is not expirable
       (expirable series are currently: warty, hoary, breezy, dapper,
       edgy, feisty, gutsy, intrepid, jaunty)
     - status is PUBLISHED or OBSOLETE (the final packages in a
       release are kept forever)
 * Expire all BPRs that remain.

What about copy archives? They are not published, so their
PackageUploads never leave ACCEPTED. We probably want a separate thing
to reject them, making them eligible for expiration?