Activity log for bug #778393

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-05-06 09:09:23 Martin Pool bug added bug
2011-05-06 10:52:20 Robert Collins tags oops timeout timeout
2011-05-06 10:53:46 Robert Collins summary branch page timeout Branch:+index timeouts
2011-05-06 10:54:48 Robert Collins description timed out a couple of times with OOPS-1952N252 OOPS-1952N252 116. 828 8931ms SQL-launchpad-main-slave SELECT BranchRevision.branch, BranchRevision.revision, BranchRevision.sequence, Revision.date_created, Revision.gpgkey,, Revision.karma_allocated, Revision.log_body, Revision.revision_author, Revision.revision_date, Revision.revision_id FROM BranchRevision, Revision WHERE BranchRevision.branch = 24637 AND = BranchRevision.revision AND BranchRevision.sequence IS NOT NULL ORDER BY BranchRevision.sequence DESC LIMIT 10
2011-05-06 11:01:44 Robert Collins tags timeout dba timeout