Comment 2 for bug 74892

> Did you notice that you can currently associate branches to bugs?

I'm aware of this feature but haven't used it much because our branches
are private. So, any branch-related functionality to satisfy my request
would be require private branches.

> Being "in review" is a property of a branch, not of the bug. At the
> moment, the best way to represent it is to use the bugbranch status, or
> the status of the associated branch. This area is in need of polishing,
> but I think the way forward is for malone to make the bugbranch
> information more visible.

I agree that "review" is a property of the branch. I'd like the
reviewiness of the branch to be represented on the bug listing page. My
workflow is basically to live on the (current) milestone page and
iterate over tasks I derive from it until it's completed. My ultimate
desire is to be able to go to a single page in Launchpad and answer the
question, "What should I do now?". We're not quite there yet, but I can
accomplish most of what I want now by jumping between a handful of