Comment 2 for bug 718723

Martin Pool wrote:
> On 15 February 2011 00:19, David I <email address hidden> wrote:
>> Public bug reported:
>> I'm getting a problem using bzr 2.3.0 with the sequence
>> bzr branch --stacked <patch file>
>> bzr merge <patch file>
>> while the same sequence works if I leave out the --stacked.
> Is this a new problem in bzr 2.3.0, or can you reproduce it using
> whatever you were running before? (And which version was that?)
> When you say <patch file> do you mean you're trying to branch
> --stacked from a merge proposal? If so, that's very creative.

Good morning Martin,

First a reminder of the history of bug 375013

period 1) no stacked branches
milestone 1) Support for stacked branches implemented
period 2) stacked branches used.
milestone 2) bug 375013 found with commits to stacked branches,
'workaround' code introduced to disallow such commits. (about 2 years ago).
period 3) stacked branches have limited value (for me). Normal branches
milestone 3) bug 375013 marked as solved and fix released in 2.3.0.
today) try to use the same workflow that worked in period 2 --> bug 718723!

To answer your 2 questions:

1) In period 3 it was not possible to commit to a stacked branch. The
sequence I described would have continued with a commit if it had
succeeded. With the fix for the infamous bug 375013 it should now be
possible. As I said, the same sequence works correctly if the
"--stacked" is removed. It is therefore likely that either:

    * Fix didn't resolve all the facets of bug 375013
    * Through the fix some other bug has been uncovered that was
      previously hidden by 375013 and that arose during period 3.

2) Oops! The creativity lies in my cut-and paste email creation. It
should have read "bzr branch --stacked <path>". My apologies. The log I
included does correctly describe the actual circumstances under which
the bug occurs.
The merge /is/ from a patch file. And that has previously worked without
any problems /without/ stacked branches in period 3 and /with/ stacked
branches in period 2 - and we do about 40 such merges a week.

I do not know if the patch file was created from a normal or a stacked
branch. Either way it would have been created from the branch after a
commit. I will try to find out today once they involved people get out
of bed. [I saw 2 separate examples of the crash, and no successes]

* David*