Language pack exporter runs long; triggers alerts

Bug #684664 reported by Jeroen T. Vermeulen on 2010-12-03
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Full language-pack exports have gotten too slow again. A recent run terminated with the log message "Killed" (so no OOM kill; that would have produced a traceback). And we're getting regular alarms about the script not running, possibly just because of the script being too quiet.

A full pack for Natty is 78196 POFiles and takes about 17 hours. In the ongoing run of about 13 hours old, it's spent about ¼ of its time using CPU and is currently running at about ⅓.

Trying to catch ongoing database activity is a bit haphazard, but so far Tom hasn't spotted any.

description: updated
summary: - Language pack exporter runs long, dies
+ Language pack exporter runs long; triggers alerts
Tom Haddon (mthaddon) on 2010-12-03
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Doesn't OOM kill take down the process immediately, no signal?

I thought it was 'as vicious as it can get'.

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This should be critical if it's indeed a problem. I am getting updated to include latest language pack generation runs as well, and if this continues happening (the last few weeks seem to have been quiet), I'll re-open and we'll have to investigate.

Seems to be becoming more of an issue: pasting my comment from bug 794573.

Full language pack exports are starting to approach 24h again: the last run took 21h32min (
/srv/ on devpad) for 84770 PO files, and the current one is on PO file 63690 of 84567 after 15h (the last one was at about the same place after 15h).

We used to be able to produce full language packs of ~65k PO files in 8h if my memory serves me correctly. So, other than the grow in scale, we seem to also be roughly two times slower.

If we go over 24h it might turn out to be a bigger issue because sometimes different exports are scheduled for consecutive days, and that means either running two at the same time or failing due to the lock (not sure if we make the lock Ubuntu version specific).

William Grant (wgrant) wrote :

Query counts seem to be roughly sensibly scaling by template, except for one thing. There are hundreds of calls per template like this, each executing a (reasonably quick) query.

           SELECT DISTINCT POTemplate.source_file_format
             FROM TranslationTemplateItem
                  JOIN POTemplate
                    ON = TranslationTemplateItem.potemplate
             WHERE TranslationTemplateItem.potmsgset = 7754677

  File "/srv/", line 1662, in __init__
    self.messages = self._getMessages()
  File "/srv/", line 1794, in _getMessages
    msgset.singular_text = row.potmsgset.singular_text
  File "/srv/", line 241, in singular_text
    if self.uses_english_msgids:
  File "/srv/", line 216, in uses_english_msgids
  File "/srv/", line 187, in _conflictsExistingSourceFileFormats

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) wrote :

That should be very easily cacheable in principle, though it could be complicated with existing code structures. The exporter is checking whether the template (the whole template — it's just picking a POTMsgSet as a sample) is XPI or regular gettext. If it's XPI, everything's a bit different: the singular text (what gettext calls the msgid) then needs to be retrieved as the English (“en”) translation instead of simply as POTMsgSet.msgid_singular.

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David Planella (dpm) on 2014-01-23
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Tobias Scholz (scholzt7) on 2015-04-05
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