Comment 13 for bug 664107

Tralalalala (tralalalala) wrote :

dinamic wrote 4 hours ago:
"grow up! this is not a bug."

I couldn't agree more!

What was Greg thinking when he reported this "bug" and why have 59 people already clicked on "This bug affect me too"? People, you're NOT affected by this bug! Apple using the name Launchpad really doesn't harm you in any way.

I've watched the announcement of Mac OS X Lion and when Launchpad was presented I didn't think: "WTF? They're using the name Launchpad! Now Canonical has to sue Apple!" If Apple wants to use this name, just let them use it. Our Launchpad is a bug-tracking system and Apples Launchpad is a launcher that gives you access to installed applications. Both products are completely different. Canonical has the right to complain when Apple develops a bug-tracking system and calls it Launchpad, but now both Launchpad products are completely different products and this shouldn't be any problem.

If Canonical is going to sue Apple because of this nonsense, they're just lowering themselves to the level of all those other companies which like to sue everything and everyone.

If Canonical is going to sue Apple, I'll immediately remove Ubuntu from my PC and won't use it again.

If Canonical is going to sue Apple, I hope Apple will sue Canonical for developing a clone of Mac OS X (window controls are copied from Mac OS X, the Netbook Edition copied the Dock of Mac OS X) and providing a way to manage iDevices using reverse engineered libraries.