Comment 4 for bug 663562

Julian Edwards (julian-edwards) wrote :

So looking at this a bit more, the assumption that "there is only one hash for a particular file in an archive" is correct - that should always be the case, so what Archive.getFilesAndSha1s() and the package copier is doing is also correct. Sort order has no bearing on this at all.

The problem is that there is a conflicting file *already in the archive*. How that got there is what I am most interested in now.

Kees, do you have any idea how we'd end up with two different linux_2.6.24.orig.tar.gz files?

lpmain_staging=> select distinct LibraryFileContent.sha1 from LibraryFileAlias, LibraryFileContent, SourcePackagePublishingHistory, SourcePackageReleaseFile, SourcePackageRelease
where SourcePackagePublishingHistory.archive = 1and = SourcePackagePublishingHistory.sourcepackagerelease
and SourcePackageReleaseFile.sourcepackagerelease =
and = SourcePackageReleaseFile.libraryfile
and LibraryFileAlias.filename = 'linux_2.6.24.orig.tar.gz'
and = LibraryFileAlias.content;
(2 rows)