Comment 0 for bug 659870

Gavin Panella (allenap) wrote :

Using the search box on and attempting to
locate a particular bug, in this case bug 658227, does not work if a
version string ("4.8") is included in the search terms.

The description of that bug is currently set to:

  upgrade process does not upgrade underlying BDB format from 4.7 to
  4.8 (so slapd aborts with "Program version 4.8 doesn't match
  environment version 4.7" error message)

To reproduce:

- In the search form on, leave the radio button
  next to "All projects" selected and enter "Program version 4.8
  doesn't match environment" into the search box. No bugs will be

- Remove the "4.8" from the search terms (leaving "Program version
  doesn't match environment") and the bug will be found (among