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Bug #494040 reported by Gavin Panella on 2009-12-08
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Gavin Panella

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This differs from bug #271332 in that this is about showing the number of affected users in the bug page, not in listings.

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Gavin Panella (allenap) wrote :

Some very early ideas.

Gavin Panella (allenap) wrote :
Gavin Panella (allenap) wrote :
Deryck Hodge (deryck) wrote :

I like this as a draft.

I'm not sure about the "You too?" bit on the first state. I wonder if we even need that. Or if "This bugs affects 8 people." is enough, and being a green link people will click it to choose. Also, it really becomes unnecessary once the Q&A dialog is done, which will prompt with the "can you confirm" dialog.

I wonder, too, if we need to move this to a better place on the page. It blends with the affects project/distro links too much, IMHO, as is.

And finally, see Bug #36283 which has some nice comments from mpt about the use of you vs. me, which applies here. And should be fixed as we're working in this area.

tags: added: story-bug-q-and-a
Deryck Hodge (deryck) wrote :

gah! Bad bug number copy-n-paste. Sorry. See bug 362830 for mpt's comment.

Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

As an upstream I'm so delighted to see this moving, and I'm sure many upstream and Ubuntu developers will be too. Almost anything you do here will be welcome.

Visually, it is a bit strange that the pencil is to the right and all the other buttons on that line are to the left. This seems consistent with the pencil in other places, but perhaps you could just dispense with it, or change it to some other icon and put it on the left. It's pretty obvious that you can click this to change it and the pencil (which few people recognize) is just noise.

Also this line is fairly wide and tending to wrap, so shorter text may be better.

> I wonder, too, if we need to move this to a better place on the page. It blends with the affects project/distro links too much, IMHO, as is.

This is a control we expect & want lots of users to click. Whereas all the others on that line are things that users generally shouldn't be clicking unless they really know what they're doing. So... maybe it should at least move to the start of that line, or a different line (which would also address the length issue.)

It seems that Launchpad counts both the number of people who clicked "yes, it affects me" vs "no it doesn't affect me". If that is true, then perhaps it would be appropriate to say something like "This bug affects 5 out of 12 people, including me." It is possibly useful to developers to see that many people looked at this bug and decided it wasn't theirs. On the other hand it may just be noise.

I think Gavin's text is pretty good. If I imagine changing the pronouns in any sentence so that it said for instance "this bug affects you and five people" it sounds weird, as if the computer is asserting something it doesn't really know, which was mpt's point.

Of course there are other cases for anonymous access and for bugs with zero votes. You could probably fix bug 362830 in passing by simply saying "This bug affects me" when there are zero votes.


Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

> saying "This bug affects me" when there are zero votes.

I guess that's relying on the pronoun to distinguish a thing the user can say from a thing the computer is saying, and it may be unclear. Perhaps "Does this bug affect you?" would be clearer.

Gavin Panella (allenap) on 2009-12-10
Changed in malone:
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Gavin Panella (allenap) wrote :

Martin, your thoughts seem to coincide well with my own (unless I've misunderstood).

After talking with Deryck, I'm moving the text to about the task table, so there's more space for it, and it can get longer. That'll also resolve the weirdness of having the pencil icon on the right.

I'm also making the text say things like "This bug affects you and 4 other people" and "This bug affects 34 people, but not you". I hope that'll read well.

Changed in malone:
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Matt Zimmerman (mdz) wrote :

Thank you!

I know bug reports are no place for user comments, but I must extend my thanks to Gavin for fixing this.
Thanks dude for making LP better :D

Gavin Panella (allenap) on 2009-12-21
Changed in malone:
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