registering slot interferes with watermark

Bug #440220 reported by Barry Warsaw on 2009-10-01
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Barry Warsaw

Bug Description

Take a look at this page:

The registering slot (i.e. "Bug #185030 in the upper right) interferes with the application tabs, causing them to wrap to multiple lines. Specifically, the Answers tab shows up under the Overview tab.

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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Here's an approach that keeps the registering slot where it is, but bumps the positioning up so that any run-on squeezes in between the header and the app tabs. This also nowraps the app tabs.

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) on 2009-10-01
Changed in launchpad-registry:
status: Triaged → In Progress
Paul Hummer (rockstar) wrote :

If it's going to break the line, I think the registering slot should be below the navigation. Having it between the project and and the navigation seems awkward, and really doesn't make sense splitting the other elements.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) wrote :

I was thinking of adding
    white-space: nowrap
to the app button CSS. We want the registration line to wrap. May be that test should wrap to the right?
    text-align: right

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Yep, my branch currently adds white-space: nowrap to the app tabs ul. That works great and we should keep it. Wrapping the registration line is a good idea. I'll try that.

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

This is working for me. I'll try to get ui reviews of these next two screenshots.

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Just for the record of the discussion:

<noodles775> barry, have you checked some bug pages also? The "Bug #440220 reported by Barry Warsaw 16 hours ago" is also using the registration slot iirc...
<mup> Bug #440220: registering slot interferes with watermark <post-ui-3-cleanup> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by barry> <>
<noodles775> which means that it will *always* wrap (unless you've got a 2m screen ;) ).
<barry> noodles775: right. let me paste a bug page s/s
<barry> noodles775: attached two more s/s. they do always wrap but it doesn't look too bad to me
<noodles775> barry, I think the thing I don't like is that it's wrapping when it doesn't need to.
<noodles775> Have you tried leaving it where it was after adding the no_wrap on the app-tabs?
<barry> noodles775: it will run into the tabs if the registering contents are long (long person name). maybe that's rare enough to not worry about it though?
<noodles775> barry, if you give the registration slot a large left-margin (maybe 2em) it shouldn't get too close? (and will wrap since the app tabs can't, iirc?)
<barry> noodles775: e.g. this does not look as good to me:
<barry> noodles775: that's a possibility too. i kind of like that the registering information sits neatly above the portlet
<noodles775> barry, hmm.... to me it often (ie. with longer slots like on bugs pages) looks like it's been squashed into a space that's too small.
<noodles775> barry, I personally agree with rockstar's comment - if it was just below the app tabs, it wouldn't need to wrap at all, and would not interfere... but maybe there's a reason for not doing that?
<barry> noodles775: it is a pretty small space (21%).
<barry> noodles775: i definitely want to explore that, but iirc beuno really wants that registering slot on the right side
<barry> noodles775: so i kind of wanted to run that to ground to see if we could make it work
<noodles775> barry, it would be on the right side wouldn't it? I just mean a little bit down from where it is in the last link above.
<barry> noodles775: hmm... possibly so. give me a few minutes and i'll try that
<noodles775> k
<barry> btw, thanks!
<noodles775> np!
<barry> noodles775: take a look at the s/s in comments 13-16
<noodles775> barry, what do you think? My first thought is that the only thing that looks ugly about it is the super long username?
<barry> noodles775: agreed. i just did that to see worst case. this works for me
<noodles775> barry, great. Thanks for fixing it!
<barry> noodles775: thanks! can i request you as one of the two ui reviewers for the branch?
<noodles775> barry, sure!
<barry> awesome

Barry Warsaw (barry) on 2009-10-02
Changed in launchpad-registry:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Curtis Hovey (sinzui) on 2009-10-09
tags: added: post-3-ui-cleanup
removed: post-ui-3-cleanup
Barry Warsaw (barry) on 2009-11-05
Changed in launchpad-registry:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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