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Michael Hudson-Doyle (mwhudson) wrote :

jml and I had a call about what would be involved in switching to testresources. It's quite a bit.

 - we need to do something to do with resources that can't be cleaned up. The zope test runner runs these in subprocesses.
 - we need to think what to do about the layers that have testSetUp and testTearDown methods. possibly resources that are always dirty?
 - similarly, some of our layers check invariants. how do we do that with testresources?
 - zope.testing at least used to ignore any special suite you specified for your tests, which would mean testresources' OptimizingTestSuite would be useless during a transition.
 - we need to define the resources launchpad tests need and come up with a transition strategy.

It's probably also worth enumerating the advantages of using testresources:

 - the main one is that it will make our tests easier to understand, the requirements of a test will be more explicit.
 - we can also more easily use other test runners, which will probably make projects like parallelizing the test run easier.
 - running a small number of tests locally will often be quicker, as test fixtures will be more minimal.

It's not totally clear that it's worth it.