Comment 13 for bug 350246

After 15 years of working with Linux I've moved on. I decided that my
developer and power user days were over and all I wanted to be was a
user. I purchased a MacBook Pro and haven't thought of Linux since.
No more BS messages that apparently have no meaning or reference
something that no one is going to fix. Just, as the ads say, a
machine that works.

Dave Bennett
<email address hidden>

On 31 Oct 2009, at 11:49 AM, James Tatum wrote:

> Is there any consensus on what exactly should be changed here? I see
> several suggestions in the comments:
> 1) Change the message, amending an apology
> 2) Add suggestions of where to go for additional support or a second
> try (will have to be configurable per-project)
> 3) Put a "hot spot" on a question that's been opened longer than 15
> days (making it super-open?)
> 4) ???
> I can only assume that there was some design philosophy behind the
> decision to close a question after 15 days.
> If the decision is just to make a text change, that's fine, but as
> mentioned previously it has to be a change that's applicable to any
> project, not just Ubuntu.
> --
> Janitor's rude message
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> of the bug.
> Status in Launchpad Answers: Triaged
> Status in “dpkg” package in Ubuntu: Invalid
> Bug description:
> i tried to update and i get this message Please Help!