Comment 38 for bug 272826

DanaBug28 wrote:
> omfg, friends
> me = woman
> do not care about the gender neutrality of a nonexistent word (especially since the solution does not address the idea of keeping gender neutral but rather putting it on blast to the world)
> best part of this whole thing was waking up to 27 messages in my blackberry email inbox o_O
This is actually considered a 'Bug'...??!! Sorry as a 'female', 'woman'
and any other term used to described someone of my gender type (TIC!!) I
really fail to see the need to make such a big fuss about language
nuances when I am sure there are plenty of other 'Bugs' in Ubuntu that
deserve a lot more attention...

Speaking as a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated industry
(aircraft maintenance) I have found that, yes, men do tend to treat
women as a 'novelty' at first. Same tends to happen in the IT world from
what I have seen to a degree as well. Trust me, the 'novelty' soon wears
off when the guys realise you are here to do exactly the same thing as

I also tend to have the belief that it is little 'issues' like this one
though that further push the beliefs that some of the more 'traditional
old-school' men have out there of we frontier pushing, barrier breaking
militant feminist women are just out to make all mens live miserable (I
know, I have had to listen to such complaints from some older generation
men I have worked with!!)

So here is my two cents as to what this potentially offensive term could
be (all very tongue in cheek of course)

Just change it to 'Uber-Ubuntu-user' or even..."Gender Neutral Ubuntu
supporter"... (or GNUs for short!)

(My Inbox exploded after being away for a few days thanks to this!!!)