Comment 23 for bug 272826

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 11:35 AM, Mark Shuttleworth <email address hidden> wrote:
> I'm -1 on asking folks their gender, and can happily consider a more
> obviously neutral term. Ubuntero wasn't supposed to be gender-specific,
> but for many people it will feel that way, and it seems silly to keep
> ourselves in a position where we have to explain that all the time.

I don't have any strong objections to considering a neutral term,
although since I haven't heard of any other complaints about the use
of the term from community members from four years ago until now, it
seems a bit overkill.

> I think the "Ubuntero" designation is given to people who've signed the
> Ubuntu Code of Conduct in LP. There have been some suggestions, with
> the number of upstreams adopting LP (and other distros) that we should
> move to a General Code of Conduct which is more relevant for a broad
> cross-section of communities. Membership in Ubuntu-related teams is
> already conveyed through the use of team badges on a person's page. What
> do folks think of that idea?

What would be the use for such a general code of conduct? I can't
really see the point of it, unless it were something like "Free
Software Enthusiast", but that's a rather different concept.

The "Ubuntero" status has a specific usefulness. It is extremely
useful to be able to see whether an individual has signed the Ubuntu
code of conduct in Launchpad, because many teams require that as a
prior condition for membership (such as ubuntumembers, and any number
of other community teams). I agree that it is inapplicable to
Launchpad members who do not participate in Ubuntu, and therefore it
could probably be implemented in a different way, although I can't
immediately think of a good one.

Matthew East
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