Comment 2 for bug 2712

David Allouche (ddaa) wrote :

I think Request support would make sense too.

CVE report, I think that's something with a much more restricted use, not worth being on the main page.

Register a new bounty, no, not a frequent enough operation. However it's important to show registered bounties on the product page.

Link to existing bounty, definitely no. Same reason. In addition it's probably even less frequently used than Registering a new bounty.

Register a new specification, again, that should probably be very rarely used. Though I can imagine that some projects may want a link on the product page.

Roadmap, hell, I cannot even guess what that does, that should definitely not be on the main page.

There should be links on important pages (in particular, Overview pages) for the most frequent actions associated to an object. Reporting a bug is definitely a frequent enough action to warrant such a link.