Comment 1 for bug 264184

Tom (tom6) wrote :

Yes i agree. This is really frustrating

Half the time the packages aren't in the list or are there but don't allow you to use them or they are too specific and it's tough trying to find an 'umbrella' choice that covers - for example 'nvidia drivers'. Are we meant to be helping them fix things and learn or are we meant to be quizzing them about details they probably don't know and that will soon change anyway.

Also a lot of the questions don't seem to fit into 1 package but fit instead into categories such as "install problem" in which the only 'package' that is in error is the user themselves - not the software! Also a lot of problems seem to be more about hardware than software. The package is often the answer - not the problem lol

Having broader categories would smooth work-flow and provide a more useful resource for noobs hunting through for answers.

Thanks and regards from
Tom :)