Comment 28 for bug 253119

Nicolas Delvaux (malizor) wrote :

As explained here some years ago (and I confirm it is still valid as of update-manager on Xenial), UM already looks for changelog published alongside .deb packages. It's in the "UpdateManager/Core/" file.

So, IMHO, the proper fix for this issue would be to make Launchpad/Soyuz publish a changelog file.

The proposed approach in TJ's patch is to simply scrap the HTML from the PPA web page. It's fragile at best, but it has the advantage to work and to be an order of magnitude easier to implement than patching Soyuz.

So I think we need the advise from Canonical insiders here: I understand this feature may not be on any official roadmap, but Soyuz is a rather hard project to contribute to for an outsider.
Is this the only way to go or could a patch like TJ' be accepted in update-manager?