Comment 1 for bug 1633608

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

A whitelist of GPG keys is only one way to solve your problem, and I think it's probably not the best one.

We already change behaviour based on whether the archive is a primary archive or not. One possibility would be to notify Maintainer+Changed-By in the case of devirtualised archives, since those are already treated as quasi-primary in other cases, although this would admittedly be a hack.

What I'd really prefer, though, is a way to encapsulate the notion that the bot is acting on behalf of somebody else, which is not information that is currently communicated via the .changes. It would be within bileto's power to pass something like --changes-option=-DLaunchpad-Notify-Changed-By=yes (just an example, don't implement this yet!), and for Launchpad to notify the address in Changed-By (which typically comes from the changelog) if it finds that field in the .changes file. How would that suit you? I think it's reasonably elegant and it wouldn't in general cause backscatter when naïve users upload unmodified versions of packages to their PPAs, which is the main reason we don't notify Changed-By today.