Comment 1 for bug 1097770

Dylan Millikin (dylan-millikin) wrote :

I've pushed a correction where inactive milestones are now filled in the color of the series timeline (either green or grey at the moment), I figured this would be a good way of displaying them as it makes them blend in more with then line and not contrast as much as releases.
To do so I added an extra param to JS function make_landmark(). This could be useful in the future for extra configuration options.

Overall the fix isn't the most elegant solution as it is a little redundant with the coloring of the series line but it works. I also might've missed something.

This is my first contribution to LP so I believe I need a contact id to fill the contributer agreement form (if this passes reviews)

branch : lp:~dylan-millikin/launchpad/bug-1097770