Documentation: Registering containers and updating the OPL server

Bug #1861722 reported by Dan MacDonald on 2020-02-03
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Landscape Server

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I have read the available Landscape docs and FAQ but there are a few things I have been unable to find answers to that I would like to see addressed in the docs or the FAQ.

The main bit of missing info is how do I register a Ubuntu machine (with landscape-config presumably) as a container rather than being a full install? The only relevant mention of containers I can see in the docs is on the quickstart installation page:

Which says the free version supports up to 50 LXC containers. Is LXD not supported too?

Also, I presume that OPL doesn't auto-update the server(s) upon which it is installed and that the user is required to install the landscape client on the landscape server(s) so that it may update itself? It would be nice if the OPL server auto-added itself so that there is always at least one registered computer on first use. Does anyone NOT want to update their OPL server(s) too?

Dan MacDonald (allcoms) on 2020-02-03
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Chris Johnston (cjohnston) wrote :

Landscape automatically determines what type of machine is being registered by the system information, so there is no need to declare a machine as a container.

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :

@cjohnston in #ubuntu-server the filer of this bug wants specifically to register LXD containers as containers, and they're showing up as Bare Metal instead of Containers.

They ahve not tested with LXC containers. Do you know whether this is by-design? (Quickstart docs only reference LXC containers, not LXD containers)

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :

Answered in IRC - "Yes, it will recognize LXD"

Dan MacDonald (allcoms) wrote :

OK. If it can handle LXD then maybe this page should be updated:

Specifically the line:

"If you have a valid OPL license, copy it over to /etc/landscape/license.txt and restart the services. Otherwise, a free license with 10+50 seats (bare metal plus LXC containers) will be used:"

So that it says "LXC and LXD" instead.

Dan MacDonald (allcoms) wrote :

I have been unable to register the landscape client after installing it on my Landscape server, I always get the error:

"The server's SSL information is incorrect, or fails signature verification!
If the server is using a self-signed certificate, please ensure you supply it with the --ssl-public-key parameter."

I have set the public key in the client config file and tried adding it as an argument to landscape-config too with no luck, using commands such as:

landscape-config --account-name standalone --url https://myserverurl/message-system --ping-url http://myserverurl/ping --ssl-public-key /etc/landscape/server.pem

Dan MacDonald (allcoms) wrote :

Is there a special set of options to use with landscape-config when the client and server are running on the same machine? I have tried using:

--url https://localhost/message-system --ping-url http://localhost/ping


--url --ping-url

but they all produce the same error as mentioned in my previous post.

Dan MacDonald (allcoms) wrote :

The regular registration command works to register the Landscape server, I was just using the wrong certificate.

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