Comment 0 for bug 633468

Landscape Client 1.5.5 has been released. We would like to get these changes into Maverick, Lucid, Karmic and Jaunty.

As far as released version of Ubuntu are concerned, the required pieces of information for the needed SRU follow (as laid out in the "Procedure" section of

=== Statement explaining the impact ===

This release sports both bug-fixes and new features and we would like to make sure all of our supported customers (even those on Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid) have access to these improvements. The notable ones are:

1) The --help command line option can now be used without being root.

2) The client Unix sockets and symlinks are now cleaned up at shutdown. Without this cleaning, the client could refuse to start because of a PID collision.

3) The network traffic plugin didn't use to take into account integer overflows. This would cause the plugin to send negative values sometimes.

4) If a payload had many user activities in it, only the last one would be carried out.

5) The Eucalyptus plugin was not enabled by default, which means the Cloud Topology feature of Landscape was not available.

For more details see Bug #613256, Bug #607747, Bug #615371, Bug #617624 and Bug #614493 (all mentioned in the debian/changelog of the proposed packages).

=== How the bug has been addressed ===

We have been following the development procedure laid out in

=== Patches ===

The four branches for the new landscape-client jaunty, karmic, lucid and maverick source packages are attached to this bug, and were derived from



=== Detailed instructions how to reproduce the bug ===


=== Discussion ===

All the source packages have been subject to the QA process detailed in the LandscapeUpdates document linked above.

=== How the bug has been addressed ===

We have been following the development procedure laid out in