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Bug #464434 reported by Peter Antoniac on 2009-10-30
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Kubuntu Dev Tools

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I know that this package is only relevant to kubuntu, but there are tools that you still need when you develop for kubuntu that are only available in the ubuntu-dev-tools. Are they essential? IMHO YES! Why don't this package have it linked/depend on the ubuntu-dev-tools? It is confusing to install the kubuntu-dev-tool but not have sbuild, pull-lp-source, hugadaylist, etc...

AP: make it depend on ubuntu-dev-tools?

Harald Sitter (apachelogger) wrote :

Could be recommends at the very best, but even that does not quite fit the situation...
From Debian Policy:
> Recommends
> This declares a strong, but not absolute, dependency.
> The Recommends field should list packages that would be found together with this one in all but unusual installations.

Since my systems have k-d-t but not u-d-t I can not get myself to consider recommends a sensible relation. Suggests is the only one left, and it's definition fits the case at hand quite well:

> Suggests
> This is used to declare that one package may be more useful with one or more others.
> Using this field tells the packaging system and the user that the listed packages are related
> to this one and can perhaps enhance its usefulness, but that installing this one without them
> is perfectly reasonable.

Then again what's the use since suggests does not install udt anyway, which is what is requested. Thoughts?

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Nathan Handler (nhandler) wrote :

I agree with Harald. I think that kubuntu-dev-tools should suggest ubuntu-dev-tools. I do not think recommending or depending on ubuntu-dev-tools would be appropriate in this situation. Even though suggested packages are not installed automatically, I still think we should suggest ubuntu-dev-tools, as it is very likely that people who install kubuntu-dev-tools might be interested in ubuntu-dev-tools.

Peter Antoniac (pan1nx) wrote :

Ok, then suggest should be. For me it was just a surprise that I was missing the mk-sbuild-lv and other tools that I thought that are not relevant to gnome or kde. In that respect, shouldn't we have them separated into ubuntu-dev-tools-core, ubuntu-dev-tools, kubuntu-dev-tools?

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Not really. The Ubuntu in ubuntu-dev-tools is Ubuntu the project, not
Ubuntu the desktop.

Peter Antoniac (pan1nx) wrote :

Then, based on #4, what is it to be done?
 1. Make kubuntu-dev-tools depend, as if you are developer in kubuntu you need the ubuntu-dev-tools also
 2. Make kubuntu-dev-tools suggest, so you will get a warning (but I find it weaker than 1, considering that u-d-t is not desktop related)

My vote goes for 1 without blinking.

Scott Kitterman (kitterman) wrote :

There is nothing in ubuntu-dev-tools that is required to use, it is for
convenience, so depends is excessive. I think suggests is quite
reasonable. There are (as previously mentioned) people who don't use
u-d-t, so it would be perhaps a bit unfriendly to drag it in automatically
(devscripts does not recommend u-d-t in Ubuntu, it did briefly, but there
were too many complaints and I think this is similar).

Peter Antoniac (pan1nx) wrote :

So? Where do we go from here? We leave it as Wonfix, we make it as sugests etc. For me the problem was that I expected kubuntu-dev-tools to install some basic tools that actually are in ubuntu-dev-tools. Just make a decision and let's close this one for the record...

Peter Antoniac (pan1nx) wrote :

As comment #8 suggests, commit 84 changelog:
 * Fix batgetorig
 * Suggest ubuntu-dev-tools (LP: #464434)

Problem solved. Thank you all.

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