Comment 1 for bug 741352

Well described report.

But there are probably more such cases.

I don't mind fixing this one, but it would be nice to be able to get our
arms around all of them at once. This is the second such report in the last
two months.

The solution is to use EscapedUTF8().c_str() to format the field, and it
will "escape" the interior double quote with a backslash.

The counterpart to

std::string EscapedUTF8( const wxString& aString );


int ReadDelimitedText( char* aDest, const char* aSource, int aDestSize )

These two functions are a matched set, and reside in common/string.cpp. One
does the reverse of the other.

Installing them is not hard, but doing one per month is not fun.

I will fix this one, but plea for somebody to help me find all the cases
where this is going to be a problem moving forward.

I guess we can grep for

" \"%s\" "

which is probably a good way to find most of the problems NOW.