Activity log for bug #602176

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2010-07-06 08:33:08 Stephen Eaton bug added bug
2010-07-06 08:33:08 Stephen Eaton attachment added pcbnew Zone Failure
2014-05-14 21:41:55 Martin Errenst tags pcbnew pcbnew zones
2018-04-13 22:15:37 Jeff Young attachment added u2.jpg
2018-04-13 22:15:49 Jeff Young kicad: status Triaged Won't Fix
2018-04-14 09:55:01 Jeff Young kicad: status Won't Fix Triaged
2018-04-14 09:55:32 Jeff Young summary Zone fill fails on component with adjoining pins attached to zone Antipad area should not exclude spokes
2018-04-14 09:55:36 Jeff Young kicad: importance Medium Low
2018-09-05 20:36:19 Jeff Young kicad: importance Low Medium
2019-01-22 16:07:38 Fabián Inostroza bug added subscriber Fabián Inostroza