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Seth Hillbrand (sethh) wrote :


Please try to keep your interactions civil. Remember that we're all here donating our time to help give you this free thing that you use and make it better.

On the heat, you can certainly find a number of high-heat wishlist items that have not yet been implemented. This is because the selection is binomial. The longer a wishlist item stays open, the higher its heat tends, so be definition, if you look at the highest heat item, it will usually be a really old, difficult item.

However, the point was that jumping into the comment to complain that the feature hasn't been implemented doesn't help. The reason is that when I'm looking for wishlist items to address, I (and possibly other devs) will sort the very long list by heat to see what affects the most number of people and see if I can dedicate the time to address the issue. I don't see the complaint at the bottom about how we have poor management.