Comment 8 for bug 1828595

Ian McInerney (imcinerney) wrote :

@Wayne, I saw that in the testing originally when I was reproducing the issue (see comment #2) and also at the end (see comment #6), but that is not what I thought the main issue in this bug was about. When I reproduced this on python 3, no plugins were being reloaded (even if only the code inside run() changed not the name). This meant that the entire reload mechanism was broken.

I did spend a little time tracing down the extra menu entry, and its root cause is different from the root cause of the failed reloading. The extra entries are due to the plugin module not having a mechanism for detecting when a plugin is no longer available during its refresh. I was going to make a new bug report tonight to track the double menu entry since it isn't as blocking as this issue and has a different root cause that will probably require a larger change set to the plugin system. If you would like it to be included in this issue, I can do that instead.