Comment 2 for bug 1804326

Jeff Young (jeyjey) wrote :

WxWidgets maps ctrl-letter combinations to 1..26 corresponding to Ctrl-A..Ctrl-Z. Trouble is that this places Ctrl-M at 13, and Ctrl-Enter also comes in as a 13. (Same for Ctrl-H and Ctrl-Tab, etc.)

I implemented a fix for this which checks both GetKeyCode() and GetUnicode(), which works on Mac (for Ctrl-M GetKeyCode() returns the mapped 13, but GetUnicode() still returns the unmapped 77).

Evidently this does not work on GTK. It's possible GetUnicode() is returning lower-case M (109), or that it's returning the mapped code (13), or something else. Of course I can't test any of these hypothesis as I don't have GTK.

If it returns 109 then expanding the test to:
    if( unicode >= 'A' && unicode <= 'z' && key >= WXK_CONTROL_A && key <= WXK_CONTROL_Z )

should fix it.

@John, could you set a breakpoint (tooldispatcher.cpp line 400) and see if Ctrl-M results in the local variable 'unicode' being 109? Thanks.