Comment 16 for bug 1803556

eelik (eelik) wrote :

{ and } aren't written to the filter field, [ and ] are. (Both are typed with AltGr+number in the Finnish layout.)

Other numbers work but 7 and 0 don't work. They aren't tied to anything in Preferences -> Hotkeys. But { is AltGr+7 and } is AltGr+0.

From the letters only 'h' doesn't seem to work. All letters work with Shift, including H.

Behind the number row with the Shift key everything works: !"#¤%&/()=
(slash '/' is Shift+7, = is Shift+0)

Behind the number row with AltGr everything but {} works: @£$€[]

Other special characters with Shift or AltGr seem to work.

In the numpad all numbers work, including 7 and 0, as I already told.