Comment 2 for bug 1744773

NhatKhai (nhatkhai) wrote :

I'm thinking about that on default all alias field values share with the original one up-to until they are got modified in the editing mode on per alias. For may case, I have custom field for supplier with item# and prices, or the detail info that most the time are difference from each others. So alias item should accept it own values instead.

And I would think the datasheet field should only out filled with Documentation File Name if the value field did not change by user or should make the Documentation File Name and datasheet field as of one single thing. But currently, I'm using the Documentation File Name to point to a local pdf file with relative path, and using the datasheet field point to the http link. this way, in have two option to work with the symbol online/offline. And the offline file act as backup file if in case the manufacture change there datasheet link.